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Business Planning & Control


The principle





All gains, profits created in the past and all advantages and disadvantages of the present little value have if you do not have a rather clear view of the future.




Anything that you pay attention at, you monitor, you control or you compare, improves just by the previous actions alone.


If you also explain the deviations from the plan and take corrective actions then the improvement is planned, targeted and not to mention, implemented.




The Concept


The ability to have full control of the total operation, in a specific time frame, and for different levels.


The knowledge of the exact profitability of all profit or cost centers, mainly through allocation of resources.


The opportunity to see and accept all future financial results with great accuracy, avoiding surprises.


The will to focus on all the set targets for a specific time frame and to differentiate if needed.


The responsibility to justify all deviations and to take timely actions, necessary corrections and measures.





In our case Business Planning & Control practice is implemented with the combination of Human knowledge, experience and dedication along with an application system which assists us to keep everything in order.


Our deliverables are:


  • A mathematical model that represents our total business and gives the “what if” analysis capability to all users and recipients.

  • A full scale reporting system that includes all multilevel, financial, managerial as well as operational reports and ratios.

  • A list of custom made reports that are required for top and middle management decision making.






The planning process


The PLANNING process is a very serious and complex process.


It takes persistence, patience, knowledge, thoroughness and desire.


Possible errors or wrong calculations can disorient the organization and lead to wrong policies and disastrous results.


Therefore both the technical part and that of qualitative participation of the human factor must be implemented with great care and responsibility.



The major steps are:


 Definition of the business area

 Definition market environment


 Definition of Type of Business

n    Service

n    Production

n    Commercial

n    Combination


 Organizational positions

n    Areas of responsibility outflows

n    Areas of responsibility inflows

n    Who does what?


 Definition of responsible Team

n    Definition of basic parameters

n    Total time involved

n    Time intervals used

n    Currency used, exchange rates

n    Interest rates



 Definition off all unique operations chart


 Imprinting for all operations

n   Purchases

n   sales

n   expenses

n   investments


n  Calculation off all sizes, volumes

n  costing parameters

n  Trade policies, sales

n  Fixed and variable parameters

n  Investment outflows and depreciation



n  Creation off mathematical model, algorithms, modules

n  Creation off all reports

n  Definition off the recipients list

n  Creation off update manual


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