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Business Issues

Below you will find what I recall as the most important issues for a manager or a businesman to know and to accept.

Business Issue # 01:


Planning and Control

The design of a project, defining the expected results, the necessary resources, human, financial and systemic, and controlling progress during its life span is the only safe way to get results.

Business Issue # 02:


To have the knowledge, the ability, the will.......

The degree of relevance of a person responsible for a project is simply a combination of knowledge, skill and willpower.

A combination that must exist to ensure the likelihood of success of a project as small or as large as it is.

Business Issue # 03:


The right manager has many definitions, but ……


A definition that expresses me is the ability to quantify the qualitative characteristics, whether they are pros or cons, with relatively high precision, and different levels over time.

Business Issue # 04:

Listening to your customer at first ….

You listen to your customer for 3 basic reasons

1. He is your customer and he needs to be heard

2. You might find out something that you did not know

3. It will always improve your relationship if there is an open communication channel.


Business Issue # 05:
Human Resources is the most valuable factors of success


It is very obvious that the winning team is the one that wins. Not the brand, not the idea, not the campaign, but the people who are behind all this.

Business Issue # 06
To change or improve things you have to know and accept 4 facts.

...... Were exactly you are right now….

...... How you got here…..

...... Where do you want to go….

...... What are your options in how to get there….

Business Issue # 07
Management Information Systems

It is probably the most critical condition that is related with the sustainability and the growth of an organism.

To know exactly were you are and not to make decisions based on your feeling or your enstict alone

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