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Business Issue - 06 – To change or improve things you have to know and accept 4 facts.


It is the most critical thing and the most important factor to success to have total knowledge and acceptance of the following 4 issues.

We can simulate this case with a captain’s problem, who is handling a boat and wants to get somewhere.


  • Were exactly you are right now….


It is probably the most important of all issues. You have to know the exact position you are in, the exact coordinates in the boat case.

You have to know your environment, friendly or not. The positive and the negative aspects of your position have to be known and established. All above have to be known, proven, established and most important of all accepted.


In the boat case we would talk about geographical coordinates, the weather and sea conditions.


  • How you got here…..


No matter if your position is pleasant or not and no matter if your most characteristics are positive or negative you have to know how you got here. And if you don’t you have to search, investigate find out what has really happened. If you search hard enough you will find out. You always will.


In the case of the boat the captain knows if he sailed there using engine, sails or both and he also knows if he did that on purpose or had to because of the circumstances.


  • Where do you want to go….


You have to know where exactly you want to go and why. You have to justify your trip to your team and to yourself first of all.


Your targeted geographical coordinates we would say in the case of the boat.


  • What are your options in how to get there….


Your options, in how to get there, is probably the last issue that will bother you but nevertheless they (your options) also have to be known, proven and accepted always have in mind the benefit of the journey.


In the boat case we could say that our options could be going directly through the weather, or avoiding high winds by going through different ports even if it takes longer, or using the engine or the sails for more economic trip, or ….

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