I was born on December 5th, 1959 in Patras, Greece

I currently live and work in Athens, Greece


My personal electronic mail address is:  


I Studied:    

  - International Studies..... Min   (University of South Florida, USA)

  - Industrial Engineering... Bsc   (University of South Florida, USA)

  - Business administration.. MBA   (Kingston University of London, Athens Greece)

Worked as a Business Division manager for:

                   Motodynamics SA                                          - Yamaha national distributor

                   General Automotive (Sarakakis Group)     - Honda national distributor

                                                                                             - Volvo Penta national distributor

I have also being a co founder, partner and administrator for Fysiotek, an orthopedics equipment importer.

I have also being a co founder, partner and administrator of a media group company  called TNC Group.

Currently I am a partner, co-founder and Senior Analyst of a business consulting company called ProVisions.

I have also Consulted businesses on:          - Management Information Systems

                                                                           - Financial & Operations Information Systems

                                                                           - Sales Network development

                                                                           - Business planning & Budgeting

                                                                           - Production and Operations design

                                                                           - Product planning

                                                                           - Inventory Management

I have being a member of the Board of Directors for the

            "International Foundation for the Greek Language and Culture".

Currently I am a member of the Board of Directors of a foundation called 

            "Center of Political Research & Communication" (CPRC)

I am a member of

            "Institute of Industrial Engineers, USA chapter" (IIE)

            "International Alumni Association"

I am an article writer on political, social subjects and business issues published in various sites such as

            newpost.gr,  liberal.gr,  thebest.gr,  lastpoint.gr,  kourdistoportokali.gr,  new-deal.gr,  greekpost.ca

            healthweb.gr ,  economico.gr,  pagenews.gr,  thepost.news.gr,  piperrata.gr

I like to sail, take pictures and study concepts.

I believe in human inteligense, ability and will.

I also believe in Expert Systems.

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Profesional activities

1992                Microsoft Office Training in "Ollivetti" Personell

1994 thr

1996                Microsoft Office Training in "Yamaha Motor Hellas" personell

1998                Business design and plan for Autotech's "Drive" magazine

1999                 Budgeting and Business reporting and updating for "No Limits bookstore"

2000               Costing - Pricing module for "La Stampa" clothing production business

2003                Unit Distibution module for "Autotech" 5 magazines (Drive, Moto, F1 Racing, Scootermania, Rider)

2003                Business Planning presentation to AUA "Agricultural University of Athens" graduate students

2003 thr

2005                Budgeting modules and Budgeting implementation for "Peloponnissos" newspaper

2005                Costing, Pricing monitoring for "La Stampa" clothing production business

2005                Costing, Pricing module and implementation for "PrintUp" printing specialists

2007                Budgeting module and implementation for "PrintUp" printing specialists

2009                Budgeting module and Implementation for "The Best Mag and Portal"

2010                 Operations and procedures design for "Fysiotek Health Products, Ltd"

2011                  Business Planning seminar to  AUA "Agricultural University of Athens" graduate students

2011                  Budgeting module and implementation for "LaStampa" clothing production Business

2011                  Budgeting module for digital media "Newpost.gr" market leading news portal

2012 thr.

2017                 Training of the AUA "Agricultural University of Athens" graduate students on Budgeting techniques

2012 thr

2018                 Participating in the Evaluation committee of the AUA "Agricultural University of Athens" graduate projects

2013                 Research study for the Ministry of Growth on Export Guide digital systems​

2014                 Participation in a study group concerning the feasibility of an Audiobooks project

 Personal proffesional photos

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