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Was born on December 5th, 1959 in Patras, Greece

Currently live and work in Athens, Greece

My personal electronic mail address is:


  - International Studies..... Min   (University of South Florida, USA)

  - Industrial Engineering... Bsc   (University of South Florida, USA)

  - Business administration.. MBA   (Kingston University of London, Athens Greece)

Worked as a Business Division manager for:

                   Motodynamics SA                                          - Yamaha national distributor

                   General Automotive (Sarakakis Group)     - Honda national distributor

                                                                                             - Volvo Penta national distributor

Currently I am a partner, co-founder and Senior Analyst of a business consulting firm called ProVisions.

have also Consulted businesses on:          - Management Information Systems

                                                                           - Financial & Operations Information Systems

                                                                           - Sales Network development

                                                                           - Business planning & Budgeting

                                                                           - Production and Operations design

                                                                           - Product planning

                                                                           - Inventory Management

have being a member of the Board of Directors for the

            "International Foundation for the Greek Language and Culture".

Currently I am a member of the Board of Directors of a foundation called 

            "Center of Political Research & Communication" (CPRC)

I am a member of

            "Institute of Industrial Engineers, USA chapter" (IIE)

            "International Alumni Association"

I am an article writer on political, social subjects and business issues published in various sites such as



I like to sail, take pictures and study concepts.

I believe in human inteligense, ability and will.

I also believe in Expert Systems.

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