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Business Issue - 01: Planning and Control

The design of a project, defining the expected results, the necessary resources, human, financial and systemic, and controlling progress during its life span is the only safe way to get results.


From a simple sales plan to a complex business plan when preceded by detailed design, documented targeting and periodical and specific controls, the results are always better and manageable.


Because only then, and if the results are not the expected, we have answers to questions and possible obvious solutions


Design includes a detailed list of separated tasks that need to be completed.

Design means who does what and by when.


Planning means defining the necessary resources, including the definition of the responsible persons, defining the expected results and also means defining the time span of the tasks involved.


Controlling means generally checking on progress, defining of the recorded deviations, the reasons for them and what action will prevent shortfalls in the future will allow resumption of positive deviations.

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